Affitti brevi Milano

With several types of apartments located in most areas of Milan, we can help you find a short-term rental property for your business needs. Depending on the time of the year, it is possible to request short‑term rental properties which can provide you with all the comforts you need during your stay in Milan, without having to spend too much on hotel accommodation.

MilanInFlat is able to offer to anyone who has to stay in Milan the possibility of renting a house equipped with all possible comforts and mod cons in order to enjoy complete autonomy and freedom during their stay in the city.

Business meeting in Milan: choose an apartment for rent

Often, people who work in large companies or multinationals have to travel to other cities or countries to reach other company offices. MilanInFlat is one of the few estate agencies which is able to offer short‑term rentals to people who need accommodation in Milan during a business trip.

Our agents will help you find the best solution for your needs, in terms of location – if you need an apartment in the centre, in the outskirts or somewhere in between – and in terms of size and number of rooms such as the presence of a kitchenette or a kitchen, one or more bedrooms.

You will then be able to rent your apartment without having to sign annual or biennial contracts, meaning much lower costs.

Contact us for your short-term rentals for work in Milan

Our agents are available to provide you with any detailed information on type and availability of different short-term rental properties. Contact us now!