This page explains how you can book a MilanInFlat apartment, which type of contract you have available, what services are included and check-in terms. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service Milan In Flat

1. MilanInFlat offers apartments for rent with all-inclusive packages. What exactly does that mean?

MilanInFlat offers its guests a chance to stay in privately owned Milan apartments with the service equivalent to a hotel at competitive rates. Prices therefore include: 24/7 WIFI internet access, utilities (electricity, gas, and water), heating, air conditioning and the assistance of MilanInFlat’s staff for any need that you may have during your stay.

2. What’s the difference between a hotel and the apartments offered by MilanInFlat?

Our apartments provide you with the same level of service, comfort and convenience as a hotel but the privacy that can only be offered through a privately owned flat. They are the ideal solution for travelers who will be working or staying in Milan and want to feel at home and be able to comfortably work and have guests over at their own place. In addition, cooking and eating at home is possible with the fully equipped kitchenettes that you will find in our apartments.

3. To what extent are MilanInFlat’s apartments furnished and equipped?

Our Milan apartments are fully furnished and equipped. In the bathroom you will find a complete set of towels along with a hair dryer, hand soap and toilet paper. In the bedroom you will find a full set of linens and pillows, and the kitchenette comes fully equipped with pots, pans, utensils, dishware and basic cleaning supplies (sponges, dish soap and dishwasher detergent) so you can cook at your convenience. As for appliances, all of our kitchenettes come equipped with a stove and fridge, most have microwave ovens and dishwashers, and a few have ovens (please visit the individual apartment pages for specific details). All of our apartments come equipped with washing machines, irons and ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, and basic cleaning supplies and a few apartments also have tumble dryers (once again, please visit the individual apartment pages for specific details).

4. What services are included in the rent?

MilanInFlat offers an “all-inclusive” residential package designed to offer guests the best comforts. The rent includes: 24-hour high‑speed internet connection, gas, electricity, heating, air conditioning, continuous assistance by MilanInFlat staff throughout your stay. MilanInFlat reserves the right to charge a fee of € 50 plus taxes for each request of support on site that our technicians cannot attribute to a malfunction in the apartment.

5. Is the cost of internet access included in the rent?

Yes, the rent includes a 24-hour high speed internet connection.


1. How do I book an apartment?

If the apartment you requested is available, MilanInFlat will send over a Reservation Form with all the rental details and conditions (apartment name, rental period, price quotation, directions on how to pay the deposit and the full rental amount)

2. When is the reservation considered confirmed?

To confirm a reservation you should:

  • Submit the required information in the Reservation Form
  • Pay the deposit through a bank transfer (bank details are sent with the Reservation Form), by credit card (email us your credit card information), or in cash at our office located at Viale Tunisia 6 in Milan.

3. Is it possible to cancel the reservation?

Yes, if the cancellation is up to 15 days before the arrival date, MilanInFlat will refund the full deposit. If the cancellation is less than 15 days prior to the arrival date, the deposit will not be refunded.

4. What happens if the apartment I booked is not available when I arrive?

Guests will be offered a similar or superior apartment. Alternatively, MilanInFlat will accommodate guests in a 3 star hotel until the apartment is available.

5. After paying the rental fee, will I receive a receipt or invoice?

Yes, the guests who are staying in one of the apartments directly owned by MilanInFlat will receive an invoice that includes the 10% VAT. For the guests staying in one of our privately owned apartments, they will receive a receipt of payment that acknowledges no VAT was paid.

6. Does the rental rate include the city tax of Milan?

The € 4,5 per day city tax is not included in the stated rental rate and will be an additional charge. It is only due though for the first 14 days of your stay.

Contract and Payments

1. When did you pay the payment?

Payment must be made before arrival in the apartment by sending a copy of the transfer or upon arrival by paying by credit card.

2. When will I have to sign the rental agreement?

The rental agreement will be signed when guests arrive in the apartment. At the same time guests must pay the full amount agreed upon for the rental.

3.What kind of contract will be signed?

The majority of our apartments are directly owned by MilanInFlat. In this case, our guests will enter into a contract of sale of a housing unit. Some of our apartments are privately owned and in this case there is an agreement for the purpose of a tourism lease as stated in Article 1, Paragraph 2, Letter C of Law December 9, 1998, n. 431.

4. Can I receive receipts or invoice for payments done?

We always issue invoices and recepit for every payment we receive.

5. Can I extend my stay in the apartment?

If the apartment is available, your stay can be extended using the same rental conditions/terms. If the apartment is not available, MilanInFlat will propose to you another solution according to your needs, if possible.

6.What is a deposit?

A deposit is an amount of money you are required to pay to confirm your intention to rent one of our apartments. This amount also serves as a security deposit in case of damage to the apartment caused by guests during their stay. The deposit will be refunded within a week of the guest’s departure.

7. How can I pay the deposit to reserve an apartment?

You can pay the deposit through a bank transfer (bank details sent with the Reservation Form), by credit card (email us your credit card information), or in cash at our office located at Viale Tunisia 6 in Milan.

8. What happens if I cause any damage to the apartment during my stay?

If guests cause any damage, MilanInFlat withholds the amount needed to fix the damage. The amount exceeding the damage will be refunded.

9. Can I view the apartment before making my reservation?

The apartment can be viewed before paying the deposit: the date/time of the visit must be agreed upon with the current guest living in the apartment. MilanInFlat values the privacy of their guests and tries to minimize any inconvenience to them by scheduling visits according to the availabilities of everyone.


1. When can I check-in?

The apartment will be available at 3:00PM in the afternoon. If guests need to arrive before 3:00PM, they can leave their luggage in MilanInFlat’s office while waiting for the apartment to be cleaned and prepared.

2. How can I check-in?

You can collect the keys at our office, agreeing in advance on a time for the key handover. If you prefer, you can ask for check-in directly at the apartment, at a cost of € 60 + VAT. The MilanInFlat’s staff will wait for you and welcome you upon your arrival at the apartment. You just have to follow the directions you will find in the reservation form. The check-in time has to be pre-arranged and is by appointment only. For each hour of delay of your scheduled arrival, MilanInFlat will charge a fee of € 50 + VAT, with a grace period of 30 minutes.

3. When can I check-out?

Guests must check-out of the apartment at 10:00AM. The keys must be left on the table in the living room.