Managing apartments

MilanInFlat, short/medium all-inclusive rent leader in Milan, manages personal and company apartments in order to assure an high occupancy rate and the best profitability compared with other type of rent.

MilanInFlat has a consolidated occupancy rate of 95%, and it has historical recurring customers, among which banks, insurances, multinational companies and consultants.

MilanInFlat offers a custom made service to meet the specific needs of every landlord. M.I.F.

Mission is to offer high quality service to its customer in order to satisfy every needs and to be a reliable, timely and professional reference.

To make each apartment suitable for customer needs, MilanInFlat supports landlords in every setting fases of its apartment.

MilanInFlat services:

  • Advice during fornitures and equipment selection;
  • Organizing and managing photografic service;
  • Creation of a specific apartment page on
  • Managing AirBnb and Booking pages;
  • Brochure creation for the apartment;
  • Search for new customers;
  • Placing apartment in MilanInFlat network;
  • Managing advertising campaign on google AdWorlds;
  • Organizing and managing apartment visit;
  • Writing down rent agreements;
  • Security deposit managing;
  • Check-in by appointment;
  • Customers comunications;
  • Claims managing;
  • Cleaning kits buying and managing;
  • Cleaning service managing;
  • Check-out damages check;
  • Managing apartment for check-in;
  • Billing and payments services;
  • New customers registration to autority portal;
  • City tax managing;
  • Fixing apartment problems with M.I.F. professionist;

MilanInFlat rate depends on the choosen service, from 20% till 30%.

Do not esitate to contact MilanInFlat team: professionalism, competence and trasparency are the keys of our success.