Repubblica is served by public transport with the M3 underground station and the railway link. From Piazza Repubblica you can take Via Vittor Pisani which leads to the Central Station and, going towards the centre, Via Turati which marks the beginning of the fashion district with Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone.

The streets on the sides of Corso Buenos Aires, once the location of Milan’s lazaret, are the beating heart of the district with art galleries, shops, bars, restaurants and bistros. You can have dinner in a popular Neapolitan pizzeria under the portico, in fine fish restaurants or in an old-fashioned traditional restaurant. For an aperitif or an after dinner drink, there is a bar in a five-star hotel where you also have the chance to bump into some famous guest, or a trendy bar with original cocktails.

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382 2 Repubblica 1.350,00
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