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Q: MilanInFlat offers apartments for rent with all-inclusive packages. What does it mean?

A: MilanInFlat offers its guests a chance to stay in privately owned Milan apartments with the service of an Apart Hotel at competitive rates. Prices therefore include: broadband internet connection 24/7, electric power, heating, air conditioning, weekly cleaning service with change of sheets and linen, and the assistance of MilanInFlat’s staff for any need you might face during your stay.

Find the Milan apartment ideal for you.


Q: What’s the difference between an Apart Hotel and the apartments offered by MilanInFlat?

A: If you need a short term Milan apartment to rent in the heart of the city, MilanInFlat has the ideal solution for you: furnished apartments with the service and comfort of an Apart Hotel and the privacy of a privately owned flat. In our Milan apartments you will feel at home away from home, and you will be able to work and have guests at your own place.

Enjoy our Milan apartments in Repubblica, Porta Venezia and Navigli.


Q: How well are MilanInFlat’s apartments equipped?

A: Our Milan apartments are entirely furnished and fully equipped: in the bathroom you will find a complete set of towels; the kitchen comes equipped with all the necessities and appliances for you to cook at your convenience.



Q: What does the rental price include?

A: The rental price of our Milan apartments is all-inclusive. This means that broadband internet connection 24/7, electric power, heating, air conditioning, weekly cleaning service with change of sheets and linen, and the assistance of MilanInFlat’s staff are included in the price. MilanInFlat will charge a fee of € 20 + VAT for each relative request not justified by a problem in the apartment.


Q: Is the internet connection included in the rental price?

A: Yes, the rental price includes broadband internet connection 24/7.


Q: Is the cleaning service included?

A: Yes, the rental price includes a weekly cleaning service with change of sheets and linen. The check-out cleaning is included in the price of the lease for a total of 4 hours; any additional cost for cleaning the apartment will be deducted from the security deposit for an amount of € 20 + VAT for each hour in excess.


Q: How can I find an apartment that fits my needs?

A: You can browse our Milan apartments using 3 different types of search: number of rooms, Milan area, and monthly budget. Once you find the apartment that fits your needs, you can request more information by phone or fill in the web form to check the availability, by hitting the Check availability button on every page. If you don’t find find an partment that fit your need, you can send us your specific request by filling the availability form with your comments.


Q: How can I book an apartment?

A: If the apartment you requested is available, MilanInFlat sends over a Reservation Form with all the rental details and conditions: apartment name, rental period, quotation, directions on how to pay the deposit and the full rental amount.


Q: How much is the rental price of a MilanInFlat’s apartment?

A: Prices are related to the length of your stay: we have daily rates (3 nights minimum stay), weekly rates and monthly rates. If you stay for more than a month but less than two, the daily price applied for the days exceeding the first month is calculated by dividing the monthly rate by 30.


Q: When is the reservation considered confirmed?

A: To confirm a reservation you should:


Q: How can I pay the deposit to reserve an apartment?

A: You can pay the deposit through money transfer (bank details sent with the Reservation Form), credit card (via PayPal from the Deposit page or sending credit card details by email), or cash in our office located in Viale Tunisia 6 Milan.


Q: What is a deposit?

A: A Deposit is an amount of money you should pay to confirm your intention to rent one of our apartments. The Deposit is used as key money in case of damage to the apartment caused by guests during their stay. The Deposit will be refunded within a week of the guest departure.


Q: When is the Deposit refunded?

A: If guests cause no damage during their stay, the full Deposit is refunded within a week of the guest departure.


Q: What happens if I cause any damage to the apartment?

A: If guests cause any damage, MilanInFlat withholds the amount needed to fix the damage. The amount exceeding the damage will be refunded.


Q: Is it possible to cancel the reservation?

A: In case of cancellation up to fifteen days before the arrival, MilanInFlat refunds the full Deposit; in case of late cancellation the Deposit wont’ be refunded.


Q: Can I visit the apartment before booking?

A: The apartment can be visited before paying the Deposit: the date/time of the visit must be agreed with the current guest living in the apartment. MilanInFlat values the privacy of their guests and tries to minimize any inconvenience to them by scheduling visits during the weekly cleaning service.


Q: What happens if the apartment I booked is not available when I arrive?

A: Guests will be offered a similar or superior apartment. Alternatively, MilanInFlat will accommodate guests in a 3 stars hotel until the apartment is available.


Q: When can I check-in?

A: The apartment is available at 4PM in the afternoon. If guests need to arrive before 4PM, they can leave their luggage in MilanInFlat’s offices – while waiting for the apartment to be cleaned and prepared. The check-in is by appointment. For each hour of delay of your booked arrival, MilanInFlat will charge a fee of € 20 + VAT, with a tolerance of 30 minutes.


Q: Who should I ask for when I arrive at the apartment?

A: The MilanInFlat’s staff will wait for you and welcome you in the apartment. You just have to follow the directions you will find in the Reservation form.


Q: When will I sign the rental agreement?

A: The rental agreement will be signed when guests arrive in the apartment. At the same time guests must pay the full amount agreed for the rental.


Q: After paying the rental, will I receive a receipt?

A: The guests will receive a receipt after paying the Deposit and the full rental.


Q: When am I supposed to pay the full amount?

A: Payment is due when the rental agreement is signed at the arrival in the apartment.


Q: Can I extend my stay in the apartment?

A: If the apartment is available, your stay can be extended at the same rental conditions agreed. If the apartment is not available, MilanInFlat will propose you another solution according to your needs, if possible. 


Q: When can I check-out?

A: Guests must leave the apartment at 10:00AM. Keys must be left on the table in the living room.


For further information, please visit the page "How to reserve"